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3 Tips To Stand Out In Your Job Search During The Coronavirus Pandemic

No-one saw this pandemic coming and we couldn't have anticipated the monumental impact it would have on absolutely everything; including the job market. However, contrary to popular belief, many organisations are still hiring - so what is the best way for a candidate to stand out in this particular climate.

1. Be intentional. This is not the time to be sending your CV to as many employers as possible. You need to set some time to look through the available roles and decide on which of them you are willing to dedicate time and effort to. In order to be successful in getting a role during this period, you will need to tailor your CV to fit the role, research the company thoroughly and utilise LinkedIn to network with people who work there.

2. Be virtually savvy. Due to the Lockdown, face to face interviews are on hold and hiring managers are utilising technology to interview candidates. This creates an opportunity for you to master your telephone and video interview skills in order to successfully land a new role. The best way to practice is through mock interviews with a trusted advisor or a career coach who can give you real time feedback on what to improve. It would also be good to use this time to understand how to use Skype, Teams, Zoom etc. and ensure you've got a good space with adequate lighting so you can present yourself with confidence.

3. Be a problem solver. A company still hiring at a time like this indicates that there is a problem that can be solved by hiring for that particular position. The problem could be anything from someone leaving without notice, a role that is in high demand or a new role that has been created due to this pandemic. Whatever the problem is, you need to find a way to either be the solution or be able to help them to tackle their challenges. You can do this by having clear and strategic examples to show that you have the experience and expertise needed to excel in the role.

At a time like this you need to actively choose hope over fear. There are still jobs out there and they are within your reach. Choose to have an abundance mindset and focus on finding the right opportunity for you. There are a plethora of resources and coaches to guide you through your job search. It is possible. You are a fantastic candidate. And #itsnotthatdeep

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